Monday, October 17, 2011

Told You I'd Forget

One week in, and I already dropped the ball. While falling asleep last night (Sat), I realized I didn't do a Five for Friday post. So, today I'll do a Five for Sunday. Or maybe a Six for Sunday? I'll see how it goes.

Here is what caught my attention this week:

5. What is it with people who pronounce words with a hard "g"? Is it a cultural thing or does it depend on what part of the country you're from? Either way, it's "long", not "lonG", ugh.

4. My lovely friend Billie Anne got my gift certificate for a mani-pedi to thank me for occasionally watching her adorable son Will. Which was completely unnecessary. I switched from my usual pedicure color of Cajun Shrimp to I Mainely Eat Lobster. As you can see, I'm really shaking things up with the change.
Cajun Shrimp

I Mainely Eat Lobster

3. Speaking of nails, I NEVER match my mani color to my pedi color. EVER. In the summer it's neutral hand/bright foot; winter it's a dark hand/neutral foot. I can't be the only one that does this...right?

Currently manicuring in: Sand In My Suit

2. What the hell is going with Christina Aguilera?!?!! Like I always say, I'm no Kate Moss, but for the love of all things holy, get your shit together X-Tina! Lay off the hairspray and teasing, stop with the Dee Synder makeup (if you don't know who that is, look it up, it's uncanny) and if nothing else, PUT SOME GODDAMN PANTS ON! Does she not have a manager, or a friend or a mirror?          

Visual Definition of a HOT MESS

1. To me, there is really nothing cuter than a kid with a British accent. A man with one sounds pretty damn good also, but for right now I'm talking about kids. Please tell me you have seen these adorable videos:

Bonus: I didn't really want this to get out, but I watched the KarKASHian wedding special. I'm very disappointed in myself. I'm better than that. But I did learn one thing. And only one thing: I thought Kris (the hubster, not the pimp mom) was too good for Kim, but no Kris isn't good enough for Princess Kim. Now Kim is a spoiled rotten diva who won't shit unless she gets paid for it, but she's still a nice, polite, well mannered girl. Kris is a douche. Khloe is pretty much me in a more expensive outfit and extensions, so if she ain't cool with him, I'm not cool with him.

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