Yours Truly

I'm not shallow, I just don't have time for deep, boring, time consuming BS. If you have a PhD, good for you, but unless it's in Pop Culture or Food/Wine, it's of no interest to me. As my old boss would say "We're here for a good time, not a long time".

I'm still trying to figure who I am in the world, and what my purpose is. Not my deep purpose, I don't do deep. By purpose, I mean a job I will not only excel at but also enjoy; a social life that is mature yet still enviable; and a personal life that is of my own making, not society's.

I've always believed that everyone in our lives is there for a set amount of time. Some are meant to be around forever, some a few years, a few months etc. For the most part, when people are gone, they stay gone, and it's usually for the best. I'm starting to finally fully accept this belief.

My mother is my heart and soul. She is constantly reminding me that I get my attitude from my father. I'm constantly reminding her that he died 15+ years ago, and that the blame rests solely on her.