Thursday, June 30, 2011

Remind me not to drink the water!!

**So evidently the cool thing to do these days is to get pregnant. Shit is an epidemic. During the span of about 6 days, three people told me they were with child, all 12 weeks along, to be exact. F. That's a lot of hormones. Don't come calling me when you're pushing that monster out. As much as I do love a baby, and I do, that's a lot of babies a short amount of time.

**When is the last time you were shocked to end up at a toll booth? Probably not very often because 1) they tell you as you get on a highway that it is a toll road, and 2) because they give you about 67 heads up on the way to the damn booth. So why is it that I have to wait behind the jackass who is trying to fish through his console for spare change at the window?

**TOTALLY off subject: What is it with murders or whatever doing what they can to avoid the death penalty? If I were on trial for murder (which I'm hoping to never be) and it was life in prison w/o the possibility of parole and the death penalty...sign me up for the chair...or table...or firing squad. The food, the living conditions, the outfits.... I'm all set with spending 50+ years behind bars.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Boston Championship!!!!


BRUINS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited I could pee. Not really, but I'm really, really, really happy for the B's. I admittedly don't watch regular season hockey (mostly because I don't have time for fighting interfering with scoring, which is the point of any game), but I love playoff hockey. It's so immediate and life changing and sexy that it obviously catches my attention and the attention of my girl friends and others :)


I have been at my friends Lindsey's (the one with the grenade whistle) house for pretty much the entire  playoffs, so there was nowhere different I would have been for Game 7! For a bunch of girls with no real hockey experience and or interest, we certainly cheered our asses off! Go B's!!!!

FYI: I didn't hurt that we fell in love with a few of the Bruins along the way!

Tbag was loving Milan Lucic, whom she called "LULU":

Because of Tbag's given name, we couldn't resist the Taaaaaarrrraaaa Chhhhaaaaarraaa reference with Zdeno Chara:

And we all got behind the adorable Nathan Horton, before and even more after he got taken out in game 3:

And I, of course, fell in love (lust) with Dennis Seidenberg:

Minga, Hello! MmmmmMmmmmMmmmm.

I had many dreams about that man, but the best one was last night, but because a lady doesn't kiss and tell, I can't divulge dets, but let's be honest......we know why they won ;)

If you want, you can put the win on the lunar eclipse that will happen tonight, I'll give you that. The last time this specific eclipse occurred was Oct 27, 2004. That's the day the Red Sox won game 4 of the World Series, after waiting 86 years to win a ring.

CONGRATS BRUINS!!! We love you. For your determination, your grit, your drive and of course your hotness!!

Now if only the Patriots would pick it up. Out of Boston's 4 major sports franchises, the Pats were the last to win it all....all the way back on Feb 6, 2005. Shit, being a Boston sports fan is a great thing! No complaints here!

ALSO: Huge congrats to the Dallas Mavericks!! I have always had a place in my heart for Dirk Nowitzki. But honestly, I would have cheered for just about anyone short of the Third Reich or the KKK to win before that self-absorbed, arrogant, non-deserving douche bag Lebron James.