My Life List

Here is where my imagination can run wild. I'm going MASSIVE and normal on this pup.

- Get a job
- Actually save money to put into a Savings Account
- Hit my Pop Music Concert Quadruple: Rihanna, Britney, Katy Perry, Ke$ha
- Meet Matt Damon (him being married puts a damper on my real hopes)
- Meet Tom Brady (see above)
- Acquire Red Sox Season Tickets
- Own a Chanel bag
- Date a SINGLE, professional athlete
- Take a photography class

- Go to Africa on Safari
- Visit Australia
- Cruise the Caribbean
- Visit all Major League Baseball Stadiums - 5 so far
- Spa weekend in Arizona
- Wine tasting in Napa - tentatively scheduled for '11
- Get my country on in Austin TX and Nashville TN - tentatively scheduled for '11
- Visit all 50 states - 20 so far
- Travel via private plane
- Fly 1st class
- Go to a Super Bowl