Thursday, June 30, 2011

Remind me not to drink the water!!

**So evidently the cool thing to do these days is to get pregnant. Shit is an epidemic. During the span of about 6 days, three people told me they were with child, all 12 weeks along, to be exact. F. That's a lot of hormones. Don't come calling me when you're pushing that monster out. As much as I do love a baby, and I do, that's a lot of babies a short amount of time.

**When is the last time you were shocked to end up at a toll booth? Probably not very often because 1) they tell you as you get on a highway that it is a toll road, and 2) because they give you about 67 heads up on the way to the damn booth. So why is it that I have to wait behind the jackass who is trying to fish through his console for spare change at the window?

**TOTALLY off subject: What is it with murders or whatever doing what they can to avoid the death penalty? If I were on trial for murder (which I'm hoping to never be) and it was life in prison w/o the possibility of parole and the death penalty...sign me up for the chair...or table...or firing squad. The food, the living conditions, the outfits.... I'm all set with spending 50+ years behind bars.

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