Monday, July 18, 2011

Teacher's pet & True Life

**Last night I went out with my former high school health teacher. I love her. She is such a great person, kind, hilarious and probably the most popular teacher we had. She's a great, non-judgemental listener, who's good for an incredible dirty joke/story while downing drinks. My kind of lady! We went downtown and sat out on the Tap's patio, where we proceeded to comment on every person, group or outfit that passed by. Good times had by all. Hopefully we don't go another 2 years before seeing each other again.

**Just watched the latest episode of MTV's True Life. The title was something like "I'm trying to go straight". Now, not straight like straight edge, no drugs. Straight like I'm gay but I'm gonna try to cure or pretend or pray the gay away. The description of the episode is "two young adults who changed their sexual identities because of the pressure they felt from their families" Are you MF kidding me?! Being the liberal person that I am, I can not fathom that there is a reason for this kind of crazy.

The two kids were a girl from Chicago and a totally effeminate guy from Washington state. At least the girl seemed to really be struggling with what or who makes her happy. She valued the emotional connection above all else. The guy, for the love, was just completely denying who he was and it was just as irritating as it was sad. He goes on and on about how his life as a dating gay man was so miserable and that he was homeless at one point, and now that he's seen the "error of his ways", his life is fulfilling and blessed. Well you were probably homeless because your parents turned their backs on you and kicked you out and now treasure you because you're back on  Then he goes on and on about a girl he met in class and how she seems great, but he doesn't want to get involved with anyone until God lets him know he's ready. Listen, God is not Chuck Woolery, he's not getting involved in your dating life. The reason you don't want to date the girl is because you wanna do it with dudes. Just accept it so we can get back to more important episodes like "I'm an Albino", "I Have Tourette's Syndrome" or "I work in the Sex Industry".

**Every year around this time, ESPN does a week of Make-A-Wish grants for kids to meet their favorite athletes. Sweet Lord, gets me every time. Sobbing like a baby.

** Congrats to the USA women's soccer team. If you're gonna come in 2nd, doing so to the team from a  country only a few months removed from a devastating earthquake and tsunami that killed 25,000 is the way I'd choose it. Plus Hope Solo, while an incredible goalie, has a way of always shoving a foot in her mouth. Last night, she said she was getting tired of always being compared to the '99 USA World Cup winning team. Certainly don't have to worry about that anymore.

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