Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hail to the V? Really?

**When did Summer's Eve decide to go down the douchey road? And yes, the pun is intended. As a feminine product, I'm sure their advertising landscape is somewhat limited, but their recent commercials are disturbing. Their new slogan: Hail To The V. wow.

**So you have an affair with one of the world's most famous MARRIED athletes. He gets caught. He gives you MILLIONS to keep your mouth shut...forever. You last a little over a year. Now you have to give the money back. You are a dumb bitch. A dumb bitch with no money and no life prospects.

**Going to the grocery store has now become a mission for me not to commit homicide. I keep trying to plot the best times to go: NOT on a Sun. Before 5 on weekdays, or even before 3 when school is in. It never helps. I almost had to throw down with a DB at the deli yesterday. So you wanna have 6 kids, fine. I think you're crazy, but hey, it's your "V". So you decide it's a good idea to take them all to the store with you, fine. I think you're an asshole, but it's your decision, just stay outta my way. Now call me crazy but when in a store, you decide to stop and peruse, move your cart out of the middle of the aisle. Now, what would make you think that at the deli, that rule does not apply to you and your soccer team? When I have to literally crawl over your carriage to place my order, DO NOT give ME YOUR attitude. Because that's gonna be a lot of tears when I backhand you.

**My obsession with Young Adult books continues with the new series The Mortal Instruments. Read 'em. You will not be disappointed.

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