Tuesday, October 25, 2011

4 weeks from today.....

I'll be snapping shots of the famous Geysir....

and waterfalls.
I'll be on the lookout for puffins...

Aurora Borealis,

and gnomes (that's the rumor). 

I'll be lounging in the Blue Lagoon
hoping to avoid this, and certainly
women like this.

On the night before Thanksgiving, I will be taking an overnighter to Iceland!! I'm so excited! Why Iceland? Funny story, after seeing Ali from the Bachelorette leave that tool, Kasey (who got the rose tattoo for her) on top of a glacier, Marth and I thought it looked like a fun place to visit. I think Marth is mostly excited about getting herself an Icelandic sweater.

Once I land, I'll meet up with Marth and Jessie (they're flying from NY). So, minus Sarah, it'll be the crazies from New Orleans taking over Reykjavik for the holiday weekend! Seeing as though our trip to NOLA was pretty much the female version of The Hangover, I'm cautiously anticipating the happenings that will occur.

Jessie, Sarah, Me and MZ, about an hour before Sarah's wallet &
phone were stolen and 48 hours before we were visited
 by the drunken ghost of "Julie" from our Haunted New Orleans tour
We will only be there Thursday-Sunday, so we need to hit the ground running. The flight is only 5 hours, so it's a quick trip to the old Artic Circle. Knowing Marth, who I strongly believe was put on this earth to plan, we will not be wasting one moment. I came thisclose to cutting my own feet off after a day of non-stop sightseeing while in Paris with that maniac. On the docket will be a trip to the Blue Lagoon (the geothermal spa), a glacier walk (straight Bachelorette style), geysirs and waterfalls, and of course the well documented Reykjavik night life!

Icelanic winter weather is similar to NE winter weather: cold. The summer isn't super warm though, with an average temp of 57 during Jun-Aug. In the summer months, it's pretty much always light out; in June there are about 20-22 hours of daylight. In the winter, it's the opposite; in Dec there are only about 4 hours of daylight. So while we're there, we're looking at about 6 hours of light. Marth is gonna be bonkers on the itinerary with that limitation.

If it were up to me, I would spend my life traveling. So in order to see the world, a girl's gotta start somewhere. I'm already thinking about my next adventure. 

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