Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Grocery Shopping = Mental Breakdown

So I've decided that if I were to ever lose my shit, it would be at the grocery store. I can not remember the last time I went and didn't want to punch myself, or someone else. I took mental notes on how to make my shopping more enjoyable.

1) if you're not of use: stay home! What does standing by the cart do? Besides making the aisle smaller with your big ass. The GS is not like going for coffee, or even to the mall. Leave your friends/sig other where they belong: anywhere I'm not.

2) the GS is not your kitchen, you don't get to just meander about, bouncing between the fridge and a drawer and a cabinet. If you decided to go down an aisle and then change your mind, too damn bad, keep it moving.

3) Speaker phone is NEVER ok. I would ixnay the phone altogether, but I'm guilty of that jackass move myself, so I'll skip that. But what a-bag thinks it's cool for us to hear your entire convo. It's bad enough we have to hear your voice.

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