Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm ready to be scared, and to take advantage of my friend's good fortune

Finally! Glee bought their B game last night. I wouldn't say "A" because it still didn't have the amazing Top 40 selections of Season 2. Although Coldplay's Fix You was the certainly incredible! WTF is up with the next 3 weeks being reruns, though? Because my Sox are out, the MLB Playoffs are a ridiculous reason to stop the momentum Season 3 is starting to gain. One step forward and 6 steps back, Fox. Not cool.

American Horror Story starts tonight! Oh how I've missed you, Dylan McDermott. I'm very excited, but I think it might be a nervous excitement. Especially after seeing this preview:

In non-terrifying news, Martha pretty much made my day yesterday. She travels for business, and I was lucky enough to tag along during one of her England trips. As much as I loved London and Paris, I was hoping to reap some of the bennies of a traveling friend stateside. Unfortunately (for me), her territories are D.C., Virginia Beach, Upstate NY and other been-there's or undesirables.
MZ and I in Paris
Yesterday I got the news I have been waiting for: Marth got herself a new territory, and it's in Nashville!!! Nash is currently #1 on my US where-to-next list. Now, if she could just weasel herself Northern California, I'd really be in biz.

Now this is where unemployment comes in handy, it doesn't matter when she goes. It could be M-W and it wouldn't matter, mama's sched is wiiiide open! I'm hoping to be line dancing my way into some cowboy's heart by end of year!

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