Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pet peeves and WT brides-to-be

So on Friday morning, I go to throw something away in the kitchen...no freaking trash bag! Now, I have a list of pet peeves at least a mile long, but that has to be in my top 3. How hard is it to put a new bag in the freaking thingy?! can? barrel? whatever...put a bag in it! ugh.

I watched Bridezillas on WEtv the other night. I don't watch it religiously, but I should. I was almost in tears watching these crazy bitches. The things they say and do to people that they supposedly love, is mind boggling! Rude, hurtful, mean, ridiculous things! I can't imagine that anyone date them, nevermind hit up Kay Jewelers for a fancy 1/4 carat engagement ring. Don't get me started on the friends and family they have managed to keep over the years. If someone ever spoke to me the way these bitches talk, they'd be filming a new show: "Tiffany hospitalizes bridezilla". A swift backhand and there would be no need to be buying a trashy bridesmaid dress. That's the thing that makes it worse (or better, depending how you look at it), these woman are so disgusting! With their Kmart rhinestone jewelry and plastic EVERYTHING, it is a train wreck, a freaking horror show. Of which I can not get enough!

So I just joined this great restaurant site: Savored, you book a reservation on the site for $10 and then you get 30% off your total bill...including booze! Well that happens in all the cities BUT Boston.  The state of MA, with its 1892 outlook on alcohol consumption, doesn't allow discounts on drinks, so we get 40% off of the food total. A discount is a discount, I'll take it!

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