Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Bachelorette Gwendolyn!

Went to Agave in Newburyport tonight for Gwendy's bach dinner. She didn't want a crazy plastic penis filled night out in Boston. Well, we didn't go to Boston. If I ever had a child and it was girl, I would pray she would be like Gwen: even-keeled, appreciative, no-drama, low-key, down-to-earth, driven, self-deprecating. You know, all the hyphenates. I always have a good time around her.

This is my first bachelorette party where I wasn't really friends with anyone out celebrating. But, I had a great night with her friends tonight.  We had a nice time at dinner. Obs, it's Mexican. Not liking Mexican is a pretty un-American thing to do, if you ask me. Gwen opened all her slutty outfits in the middle of the dining room, which obviously drew the attention of all the men, even those sitting with their ladies. We then walked in the progressively heavier rain to the Black Cow. We were immediately accosted by unattractive middle-aged men overlooking their boats docked right next to the bar, who referred to themselves as "daddy". My personal favorite was the 50 y/o Steve Sanders look alike, complete with a blonde, fro-like mullet.  It was like I was right back in BH in the early 90s.

We ended up at Rockfish, which pretty much smelled like one upon entry. Immediately took the shots that they wouldn't give us at BC. Then this group of guys walked in and bought us another round. What is it with men and bachelorette parties? Like moths to a flame. Or hookers to a back alley. Either way, one in particular (who happened to be married) spent the rest of the night pointing all his attention toward us, including being our photog (always wanted one of those). He was very nice and he didn't act creepy, which is a rarity. He invited all 7 of us back to a party at his friend's house, but we're ladies, we don't do things like that.

Can't wait til August 19th, Gwendy!

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