Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hot Guys, New Phones and Kenny Freaking Chesney....oh and Irene

So just wrapped a very busy and super fun week. This is probably the best week I've had, staying local, since I got laid off. Which was 8 months ago, for those of you keeping track at home.

On Weds, I made a significant purchase, I bought an iPhone. Very exciting news!! Now if I could just get this bitch to work like my blackberry and we'd be in business. Many cool things about it (Words With Friends, built in ipod, flashlight) but some things I still need to get adjusted to (not being able to delete email from both handset and inbox jointly).  As much as I wanted an iPhone, I just wasn't financially ready for such a splurge. But the BB had other thoughts, 2 weeks after taking a 6 story dive off Lindsey's balcony, she finally went schizo. It was pretty rough, mostly for my credit card, which took a $220 hit, to leave BB for the Apple fam.

After making a damn car payment sized dent at Verizon,  I had to rush to Tbag's. We went to Milan Lucic's "celebrity" softball game in Lowell. Besides the hockey players, Lenny Clarke from Rescue Me was the biggest name there. That is unless you count the sports and weather guys from the Boston tv stations and the traffic girls from radio. Which I don't. It was at the Lowell Stadium where the Spinners play, so only room for about 5,000 people, very intimate.  It was super fun and very inexpensive: tix were $10 and beers were $4.50. The best? Dennis freaking Seidenberg was there! And Nathan Horton! So. hot. I said to Tbag, if it wasn't for all the damn kids and the crazy, super Bruins fans, we would've had a front row seat and they would have fallen in love with us. But alas, it wasn't meant to be.
Then to make my week even better, I spent Saturday at Country Fest!!! So much freaking fun, even though stupid Hurricane Irene came a little early. But I actually liked the rain. I was never enough where you had to take cover, but enough to make it fun. It kind of tied everyone together, with all the ponchos and umbrellas. One of my favorite summer activities is tailgating at a country concert and this time was no exception. There is just something about the atmosphere, everyone is friendly and welcoming. Cornhole, Beirut, ladder golf (or in this case, Redneck golf), drinks, music and people are everywhere. Zac Brown AND Kenny Chesney? If it wasn't for them, I could stay out in the lot all night.


Now, I am officially broke, so the fun stops for awhile. And don't think I don't make a connection between my funds being wiped out and the end of summer....it's a horrible coincidence.

As for Irene, she was a major bust in my neck of the woods. I'm thankful of course. Hearing about the death and destruction up and down the East Coast is just horrible. I know that it is better to be safe than sorry, but people in MA stocking up for 2 weeks of life cut off from the outside world is slightly ridiculous.

Also, ease up, huh Mother Nature? A tornado, earthquake and a hurricane in 6 month's time....in Massa-freaking-chusetts? I know we're dropping the ball as a nation, but for shit's sake.

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