Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer shows are over and so is Taylor Swift.

So not surprising to anyone, I have a (long) list of people I can't stand. For time's sake, I will narrow my list down to just two celebrities who have been up in my business this week. 
---->Taylor 'Annoying as Sin' Swift.
Now I know she's all nice and innocent and sweet as pie, blah, blah, blah. But enough already. Enough with the giggling, enough with the sparkles, enough with all the awards, enough with crowning her the greatest thing since (insert super awesome singer of your choice) Enough!
---->Kim 'Attention Whore' Kardashian
This bitch is nuts. She is such a money grubbing, spoiled rotten brat. Everything about her is fake. Fake hair, fake eyelashes, plus 8lbs of makeup and clothes that are always one size too small. I can not believe she found someone to marry her.  With all that said...I can not stop watching that GD show. I'm trying to convince myself it's because Khloe and Kourtney are actually funny and constantly abuse stupid ass Kim, but I'm not quite sure that's it. Whatever the reason, my ass draws the line at buying their shit.

Like the end of summer isn't bad enough, the finales of my summer shows are starting to air, which makes me incredibly sad. The big winner this "off-season" was Suits on USA network. Great for men and woman, with legal jargon, expensive man toys and pretty girls for the boys and for the ladies, two words: Harvey Specter. Watch it.

The best part of summer shows ending? Fall shows beginning! Bringing my DVR down to 0% is a mission of mine over the next week. Gotta make room for my babies. And also some newbies. I have a few shows that I'll be pushing with my Must Watch list:


Community, NBC, Thurs: Joel McHale from Talk Soap, enough said.
Happy Endings, ABC, Weds: A fresh, actually funny, take on Friends. Literally 6 friends, 2 are married, another couple used to be together, except in Chicago. This is a must, must watch.
Glee, FOX, Mon: duh. Knock it all you want. Then watch it once. Hoooooked.

New Girl, Fox, Tues: Zooey Deschanel. Wasn't really crazy about her until I saw the pilot. But once I did...
Up All Night, ABC, Weds: Christina Applegate and Will Arnet (Amy Poehler's hub) dealing with their new baby and all the madness that brings. I <3 both of them!

* a small caveat: it's difficult to get into a drama a few seasons in, but that's what Netflix or Hulu are for.

House, FOX, Mon: Dr. House is a crazy lunatic and he's finally paying for it. If you're looking for a series to get into, this is it.
Criminal Minds, CBS, Weds: If you can handle murder and mayhem, mixed with great, fleshed out characters, watch this series.

The Secret Circle, CW, Thurs: It's the CW, so it's pretty much a show full of teen angst, which means it's right up my alley. It's also about witches or black magic or something crazy like that. Basically, it's The Craft, in 2011 TV form. Awesome.
Hart of Dixie, CW, Mon: 1) CW again, therefore, awesome. 2) it stars Rachel Bilson, Summer from The O.C. love. 3) Set in the South. The sweet, fancy, gosh-golly-gee South. Not the dirty, KKK starter kit, South.
American Horror Story, FX, Weds: A psychosexual thriller with Dylan McDermott. They began trying to sell it with commercials stating it's from the creators of Glee. They finally began pushing that it's from the creators of Nip/Tuck*,  That's what sold me. That and the fact that it's a psychosexual thriller.

*which are the same people, believe it or not

Off for a GNI with Linds and Tara and new recipe: Wine Cupcakes! If I were disciplined, I would see how many cupcakes it would take to get a buzz, but let's be honest, I'll be chugging the left over wine from the bottle as I eat them.

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