Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Young Adult Until Proven Otherwise


Apparently when a book is published under the genre of Young Adult, I, at 29, am not the target audience. Who knew? Because if it belongs on an 11th grader's summer reading list, I'm all over it.

Both the Twilight and Hunger Games series had me from the first hint of a love triangle and a slight sense of Sci-Fi. *Prior to '08 if someone had suggested Sci-fi, the daggers coming from my eyes would have caused serious damage* Evidently, these books are geared toward the 12-18 set. Pish Posh, I tear through these pups like it's my job. Sadly it's not.

Sharing my love of YA books is my amazing friend, K-loko. She is me in blonde, Polish, pint-sized, crazy type A form. She takes the world by the balls on a daily basis, whereas I like to let the world come to me (that success rate discussion is for another day). Having passed on Twi to her and she returning the favor with HG, we decided to start our own little book club. We are always a book or 2 ahead of each other so we figured it would be more fun to read together. So far, not so good.

Our first selection,
 If I Stay by Gayle Forman, while nicely written, isn't getting my YA motor running. I keep waiting for a secret betrayal or hidden romance and so far, nothing. I like to be lured and teased, and while this book has a major decision as its main thread, it's all a little slow for me. It certainly doesn't help that while getting the book at Target, I picked up a book b/c its cover caught me eye (yes that's how I pick my books. don't judge) As I read the back cover, it doesn't hit me 'til I reach the end that I just read the blurb for the GD sequel to If I Stay! Gggrrrr.

With K-loko being the answer to all my prayers, she agrees with me and of course offers The Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me. If I can't find a worthy YA book, I'm going for the next best thing: inappropriate, funny, vulgar, sex/booze laced, sarcastic...all the great qualities of a fast summer read.

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