Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Make The World Go 'Round

PS and I (and Chin, our Sher Pai, RIP) 1983
Everyone has a mother. Not everyone has a great mother, which is a damn shame. I am blessed to have an absolute, without a doubt, accepting, loving, caring, funny, supportive and non-judgemental mother.
I really hit the mother jackpot with PS. Although she believes, and routinely suggests, that I don't appreciate her, I 100% do. My mother is a big "actions speak louder than words" kinda lady, so accordingly, taking out the trash and doing the dishes expresses love more than "I Love You". I, however, am not a subscriber to that school of thought, but that's neither here nor there. Even when she drives me crazy, I do not know what I would do without my mother. She has been a single mother getting shit done my whole life, and she deserves a GD medal for putting up with my shit for 29 years.

Even with the fact that she has not spoken to me in 20 days
 (long, dumb story, but it has to do with my taxes...go figure), I wouldn't trade PS for any other mother in the world.

There are all sorts of moms:

The unavailable mom: either physically or emotionally. she never gives you what you need.
The overbearing mom: Like a hovercraft, she's all in your business, rain or shine.
The judgemental mom: critical, no matter the day, the amount of your success or your dress size.
The jealous/competitive mom: never truly happy for you and always negating your success, because obs, it takes away from her.

My mother is none the above, and that is awesome. I am now done with the ode to mom dukes.

I want to send a Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in my life:

Nan - love and thanks to the end of the world for the $50 bill she quietly shoves in my hand on my way out after each visit. Even when the reason I'm there is her, like HER birthday, or tomorrow for Mother's Day.

My BFF - she's currently not speaking to me either (a pattern is certainly forming, I realize), but thanks for the most adorable Godson a lady with no religious affiliation could ask for.

E - her amazingly fruity daughter is the most well behaved, gentle, calm child I have ever met. She got it from her mama!

Aunt M - holding down the fort while my crazy 44 yr old Uncle lives out some crazy ass G.I. Joe fantasy in Afghanistan. Love you Unc.

Mulls, Tar, Sarah - mothers to 3 precious boys that will be breaking hearts down the East Coast in no time. Two of you are celebrating your very first Mother's Day...enjoy!

One last thing: Minus the hair (on both of us) is PS not a totally hottie in the above pic or what?! Love Her!

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