Sunday, May 22, 2011

This is why it's a tv show and not real life

We are coming to the end of May sweeps, which means my life as a TV fanatic is coming to a close for the summer. As much as I love getting lost in TV, I have a love/hate relationship with the crap these shows try to make me believe. Sometimes I don't know why I continue to watch some of the ridiculous stuff out there.

TV Land: House, the medical drama on Fox. Dr. House is a complete lunatic. Like, should be hospitalized, crazy. He runs around breaking every rule around him, jeopardizing his job as well as the doctors he works with. Nevermind the lives he risks. In every episode, he lies, threatens, cheats and withholds medication to get what he wants. Being a diagnostician, all he cares about is finding out what is wrong with the patient. Not for the patients sake, he'll cut off someone's leg or cut out a piece of someone's brain without much thought. He doesn't care if the patient never walks or talks again, just as long as he gets the right diagnosis.

Real Life: his ass would be fired. 100x over. Hell, he would never have made it out of medical school. Especially if his school realized that he swapped papers with a classmate before the final.

TV Land: Private Practice, drama on ABC. Violet Turner, the ridiculous shrink in the practice. She spends her life making people do what she thinks is right. Not what is best for the patient, what she thinks is best. If people don't agree with her, she shows up at their house, and pretty much annoys the shit out of them (and me) until they do what she wants. Now, when it comes to her and what she does with her life, there is no discussion. She does what she wants. Like leave her child after his traumatic entrance until the world. Or like taking off on a book tour when her medical license gets pulled.

Real Life: Her license would have been in jeopardy long before her recent transgression. There is no way she would have that many friends/colleagues and a loving husband if they realized how much she mind#$&%* everyone around her.

TV Land : General Hospital, daytime soap opera on ABC. 1) don't judge, I was raised by a mother who watched ABC's daytime lineup. Every few years I check back in on GH to see what's happened. DVRing makes catching up easier for sure. 2) I know it's a soap opera and has absolutely no basis in reality. GH is filled with mobsters, car bombings, kidnappings, and murders. Thankfully no aliens and devil possessions on this one.....yet.
The thing that is currently driving me bonkers is the Michael Corinthos storyline. Short story, Michael is the oldest son (19) of Sonny Corthinos, the resident mobster in Port Charles. He does bad things all the time, but always seems to pull in the most beautiful and successful women in town. He also seem to impregnate all of them. Well Michael is struggling with being surrrounded by "the Life" but yet not being able to participate. After serving time in prison for killing someone who kidnapped his mom and baby sister, he now thinks he is the second coming of John Gotti.
So now that his father and godfather won't let him join the family business, this stupid shit is bordering on joining the rivalry mob family in town. Are you kidding me? So everyone is trying to talk him out of it, but is walking on eggshells as not to upset Michael and push him into the arms of the competition. What? He's 19, tell him to STFU and get in line.

Real Life: Seriously? Everyone would be in jail. And Michael wouldn't be such a stupid douche bag.

Oh TV, I still love and support you. Even though you bring nothing but crazies into my home on a daily basis.

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