Saturday, May 28, 2011

Heat, Hockey and Money Hungry Hussies.

Finally, nice weather has made its appearance. About damn time! We barely had a spring around these parts. It went from snowing, to raining to 85 de-freaking-grees. I'm still shocked that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. When the hell did that happen? Apparently while it was raining.

Over the last few weeks I have become more thankful than ever about where I live. In New England, we have snow. Sometimes, lots of it, 60, 70, 80+ inches in 2-3 months. But that's it. We suck it up from Dec to Feb and then we move on. These poor people around the country dealing with tornados and hurricanes and flooding just breaks my heart. I hate shoveling out my driveway and car every other day, but at least my safety and the safety of those I love isn't threatened. I hope the worst is over.

In other, less-life-altering news, The Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals!!!! YAH! Being completely honest, I don't watch hockey during the regular season, but come playoffs, it just sucks me in! It's so exciting, fast and nerve-wracking it's hard not to watch. But with the Bs success so far this year, it make me think about all the people who must hate Boston and their fans. I mean, come on, we are always winning something. "Boston" and "sports" just go hand in hand. If they aren't winning the Super Bowl, they're winning the World Series, or the NBA Finals in '08. It must get annoying. Not to me. To outsiders. Growing up in this area, I've always longed to live somewhere else, because you know, grass is always greener. But as a sports fan, there is no where else I'd rather be. Now after almost 40 years, the Bruins have a chance to add another trophy to the collection of 6 we've taken home in the past 10 years.

In really unimportant but needs to be addressed news, Kim Media Whore Kardashian is engaged. Why does she have to "sell" everything she does? If it would make her money, I think she would sell her own mother. And because she's just as bad, her mother would collect her 10% manager fee off the sale. As much fun as reality tv can be, the whole "famous with no real talent" thing is starting to become tiresome. Besides what kind of life can you lead when you're lugging around a 20.5 carat boulder on your hand?

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