Friday, April 1, 2011

to spend or not to spend

Today I did nothing more than wish for things that aren't going to happen. I wished for the snow to be over and warm weather to arrive, open the window.....sorry. I wished for a very successful, attractive, engaging man with a sexy accent and a filled passport to be by my side when I woke up. Rolled, no. I wished to be independently wealthy where vacationing was my job and giving to charity was my hobby. Called the bank to check my balance, 0-3.

I really want a Kindle.  With my limited funds, the less time I spend outside, the less money I spend.
So having a Kindle will allow to download books from the comfort of my house, versus running to Target to get a new book and spending $100 on crap I don't need. I just finished The Hungry Games trilogy and I have to recommend!  If you liked Twilight, read Hunger Games. It's apocalyptic teen romance, what more could you want? While I'm here, I'll tie in another vampire obsession, Being Human, on the Sy-Fy channel....LOVE! Jesus, I sound like a 14yr comic-con attendee. I swear, I've never watched any of the Star things, Wars, Trek, Battlestar blah blah blah. But a vampire and a werewolf AND a ghost living together in a shitbox house in Boston is my idea of a good time. Mondays at 8. Watch it.

Yesterday I had myself a nice little Thursday with a good friend of mine. We went to the Purple Onion in downtown Haverhill. It's the little sister of the one in Newburyport. It was so cute, quick and easy and cheap. 2 thumbs up. If Haverhill would put more places like this DT, instead of freaking Subway, maybe they could have that downtown revitalization they've been talking about for 15 years. My friend is getting married in August so we talked to all the fun stuff that goes with it. She is so down to earth and such an easy person, there will be no bridezilla craziness with her. She's just a simple girl who wants to have a good time on her big day. No pomp and circumstance. Just good friends/family, good music, and booze. Is there anything better? It's the perfect trio really, because even if one is taken away, the other 2 will suffice.

Spending the afternoon w/ a good friend makes me long for summer. Day drinking, outdoor shopping, flip flops up on a deck, people watching...ahh hurry up June!  But the best part of summer? Baseball! Having 162 reasons to be out and about is just amazing. Especially after being a homebody. Staying in these last few months is allowing me to save for all the outdooring I'll be doing soon enough. Red Sox are kicking off their season right now, gotta give them my full attention!

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