Friday, April 1, 2011

My B-card

So, I'm unemployed. There I said it, let's move on. The thing about unemployment that sucks is that now you have the time to do all those great things you think you're missing while employed, but now you don't have the money to do them. I would like to think that if I had money my life would be so much better, you wanna know why I think that? Because it's true. People say that money doesn't buy you happiness, I agree, but I'd rather be rich and miserable than poor and miserable.

Enough about not having a job. I'm over it, TG (thank god) for that government check that comes in the mail, or this would REALLY suck.
So now with alllll this spare time I have, I figure I should put it to good use. Besides keeping my wpm up to snuff, I can jabber on about random shit that pops in my head during the day. I don't have kids, I'm not gutting my house and I'm not going to write about my "job hunt" (I use that term loosely).  This little bloggette will be about everything and anything, from sports to bags and shoes to dumb people that do things that make me want to scream, or worse. So this is my 1st official blog, I'm losing my B-card, if you will.

What would I like to throw out there tonight, or toDAY? nightowlness is in full effect now that my days are wiiiiiide open...

ugh, the Grey's Anatomy episode tonight...ewww. I'm all for medical dramas, I'm all for singing, I am not for mixing the two. My brain couldn't focus on all the possible dying when Chasing Cars is blasting in my face. I don't remember much of the dialogue, but I'm not sure if that's because there wasn't any or if I was zoned out due to the singing. Either way, no go. It only makes me long for Glee's return, which is still 3 weeks away. sad face.

Rewinding to Tuesday, I had a government forced career center meeting (shoot me), but after that it was pretty decent out, so I decided that was the day to finally clean the trunk of my car out. Sweet lord, it had been awhile. I will say one thing, if I ever found myself crashed at the bottom of a ravine for a week like I've read about, I would have been safe as can be, if I survived the crash. I had multiple bottles of water (no dehydration for this girl), many forms of coverings: hoodies, zip-ups, scarves, hats, jeans! and a trench coat (no frostbite). I had reading material, granted it was Fancy Nancy, but people stranded alone can't be choosy. It went on and on, BUT the most important piece I found was my iPod!!! It had been exactly 3 1/2 months since we had been together. Scary. As you can imagine, my music selection was lacking. Which leads me to another problem. Besides my iPod, all my music is on my old laptop which can't even be turned so I can't get my old music on my new lt's iTunes. grrrr. Also I need a new music source. Hearing about the death of limewire was extremely depressing. Apple is becoming Big Brother, can't do shit without them. They control the phones, access to the Internet and my ability to steal music, not cool.

For a person with no job, I certainly still find myself wishing for Fridays. Seeing I have no plans tomorrow, I'll use that to time to spell out my rather fun today.

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