Monday, April 4, 2011

My Dos and you better nots

I hate necklaces worn with one shoulder dresses!  (if there was ever a chance of a man reading this blog, that just went out the window) Anyway, I can't stand it, the neckline is the necklace! Wear some large, chunky bangles, or a fantastic cocktail ring, but leave the necklace at home. GRRR. Now that's just my personal opinion. In fact, right next to me is the latest issue of Lucky, and there in all her glory is Ginnifer Goodwin, rocking a massive necklace with a one shoulder dress.
 Obviously Lucky (or any other mag for that matter) has not decided to employee me as their fashion editor, but I have a few things I stand behind and others don't agree with and that is one of them. Another is matching nail and toe polish....not for me. It reminds me of something my grandmother would do. And don't even get me started with nail designs! My nail ladies don't even ask me anymore, because they know they'll kick a swift kick. "you want a flower on your toe?" Bitch please.

Because my list of things that people love, that drive ME nuts would take me 6 months to write, I'm completely changing subjects.  Now that the weather is starting to become bearable, I'm starting to get excited about all the fun things that will happen in the next few months. Red Sox games, concerts, cookouts, maybe a trip or 2, all which, in my life, include alcohol. On Sat, I got a small taste of the hangovers that await me. Mother Nature decided to cooperate for about 2 hours to allow my friends and I to attend a charity hockey game. I use the term "attend" loosely, because we were in the rink for approx 20 min. The rest of the time was spent pregaming and whilegaming in the parking lot with BLs and jelly shots.  Needless to say, the night ended with me falling asleep with both feet on the ground to stop the room from spinning. And bc God is not in my fav 5, I woke up to realize it was my G'mother's bday, so I had to make myself look presentable enough for my family. Nan gave me $50. I bought her a b-day card and showed up, so I think it was a fair deal.

 I remember the days of 19, 20, 21, hell even 25, when I could drink the night away and pass out, then pop out of bed the next morning and rinse and repeat. Those days are loooooong gone. However, I know, whether I drink a few beers or an entire keg, my nights will NEVER end as badly as the chick in this voicemail. EVER. My mom will be so proud.

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