Sunday, April 24, 2011

shopping or a family reunion?

Like most of the world, I do my shopping on the weekends, usually on Saturdays. I don't know why I haven't learned my lesson yet. Being a person who doesn't like crowds, or people for that matter, I shouldn't be out with so many. The worst place in the area is The Loop. Shoot me. I get so heated just thinking about it.

I understand that the weekends are the easiest time to get things done. People with jobs are so busy during the week, who has time to leisurely roam the aisles? If Saturday is the only day for you to be out, fine, but why does your entire family have to go with you?! Sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews, what the hell? Ok, so you're incapable of shopping alone, fine, but can't you stay together? Huddle yourselves up so I don't have to trip over your stupid kid. So you can't control where your 4 year old wants to go (a carriage would be my sugg) fine, but why then do you give them a friggin ball to bounce around the store?! Evidently "children should be seen and not heard or I will trip them" wasn't taught in your home.

I hate you and your family.

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