Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tom, you're killing me

Under no pressure, with no linebackers in sight, a contemplative moment?
Have you seen this man?

Tom, what's the problem? Why can't you just be hot, play football and get back to winning SBs? Enough with all the other stuff. First came the Bieber cut, which turned into a damn pony. Then you showed us your "dancing skills", while in Brazil. Now you're crying in interviews? WTF?!? Here I thought your low point was back in 2002 when you posed with a goat during a photo shoot.

An oldie but goodie -- this photo isn't from the recent Stetson spread, but from a GQ ad from Tom's past. <!-- // define variables var date = new Date(); var current_time = date.getTime(); // write SCRIPT tag to browser document.writeln(' '); // -->

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