Monday, September 19, 2011

New York State of Mind

I have never been a big fan of NY, too big, too loud, too many people. If it weren't for my little Pierogi, MZ living there with her hub, I'd never visit. This weekend they hosted a 1st anniversary party at their neighborhood dive bar. The ride down there, whether it be by bus, train or car, is like death to me. But Martha would do just about anything for me, so I wasn't about to miss her big night. I'm so glad I went, because when all was said and done, the wknd as a whole hit my Life Top 5 list.

Friday night we went to Pio Pio, a glorious Peruvian restaurant. Their menu has one main item on it: chicken. I have no clue what they do to this chicken, but sweet jesus, it is amazing! Like finger-licking-good amazing. I'm getting hungry again.

Saturday was the big day. How do you start out a day at MZ's? On the couch, in front of the tv. Her wonderful, sent from Heaven husband, went out and brought us home breakfast. So we sat and eat and tv'd for a few hours. So enjoyable. Then Chris and his best man took off for their day and Marth and I headed out for ours.

Marth wanted to do something nice before the big night, so we decide to treat ourselves to a little pampering. Marth got her nails did and then we went to a salon and both got a wash and blow out. After the salon, we went to Shake Shack. Soooo amazing. Better than I was anticipating. We planned to go to Bloomngdale's and hit up the comestics section for a free makeup application, but Sephora is right nextdoor to SS, so we just went there. Luckily for us, the rep for Urban Decay was in the store and she did a whole face for both of us. We couldn't believe how great we looked. Marth got a heavy eye and nude lip and I got the cat eye look and bright lip. Both of which we have never had before, so it was a nice change of pace.
Cat eye and a bold pink lip
 So for $40, we each got a wash, blow-dry and a full face of makeup. Definitely recommended for a special night out!
That pretty much gave us nothing to do to get ready, so we met W. Hartford's finest, Ally and Rob and went back to the apt. We had some drinks, watched Clueless, threw our dresses on and literally crossed the street to the bar. I'm a pretty easy girl when it comes to plans, I'll do just about anything, anytime.  Having everything done FOR me is pretty much at the top of my list of amazingly awesome things!

The party was so fun, just a small group of Martha and Chris' close friends. Weddings are usually filled with 2nd cousins and friends of your parents, so it was nice to just have an intimate group there to celebrate with them. I'm really happy I went. Marth and Chris are always such great hosts and they are great friends of mine, so I would have been sad if I missed a chance to toast (a lot) their 1st year as a married couple.

I had so much fun in fact, that I made up an entire new life for myself while talking to strangers at the bar and totally kept it going! FYI, I am a very successful entertainment lawyer with a undergrad & law degree from Yale. Holler!

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